Series of Embossing Rewinding and Perforating Toilet Paper Machine

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Model:PX-WSZ-DK 1575A(PX-WSZ-DK 1092/1760/2200/2500/2800A)

Equipment Function & Character
1. Under European CE standard designing, Passed CE certificate, With CE or UL certificate for Electric Parts and with safety device, such as, safety-guard door, emergency stop and so on.
2. Most of parts are precisely processed by numerical-control machine, while the key mechanical parts are under CNC processing.
3. The perforation is made by spiral soft blade; Optimizing to adjust the tightness of toilet roll and the length of section distance through stepless speed-regulator; Mounting electronic counting to stop and soft starting system. It is ideal equipment for producing toilet paper with or without core.
4. Bearing, electric parts and timing belt are famous brand.

Machine Model:1092/1575/1760/2200/2500/2800
Raw Material Width(mm): 1350/1750/1900/2150/2450/2700
Finished products diameter(mm): Φ60~150 (Tightness is adjustable)
Perforation Distance(mm): 100~150 Adjustable, other sizes can be ordered.
Production speed: 120 (m/min)
Embossment: Single embossment, Double embossment,Steel to steel embossment
Embossment Down Roller: Felt roller, paper roller, Rubber roller
Jumbo Roll Stand: 1-3 plies (Ply quantity can be required)
Overall Size(mm): 3800×2700×1200~4000×3600×1200
Weight of equipment: 1400-3000KG (approximately)

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