1. What kind of service and customer care does PEIXIN Group provide when it comes to training?

●You can send technician to our factory to train them how to operate the machine before the delivery at your production site. You are offered full accommodation by our company
●When the baby diaper machine arrives at your workshop, we send technician to your workshop to install and test the machine and train your workers
●If you need one a technician to work for you for a longer span of time, we can assist you in hiring experienced staff

2. The investigation of raw materials has not finished yet. If possible, can you help us in choosing a supplier of high quality raw materials?

●Yes, we can support you in finding suppliers of high quality raw materials in our local market
●We can go with you to visit their factories to examine their quality
●We could also contact you with suppliers from outside of the local market

3. I want to launch a factory manufacturing baby diapers, can you offer me some suggestions?

●Yes we can help you analyze the cost of a sample baby diaper from your local market
●We will offer you the cost report in details according to your sample, thanks to which you can easier calculate the profitability metrics

4. What issues should I consider before establishing a baby diapers factory?

You should know the answers to the following questions
● How many pieces of diapers do you need to produce per month to satisfy your marketing plan and business objectives?
● How many shifts per day do you want to run?
● How much of installed capacity will be comfortable for you to operate?
● What are the features needed in the diaper that you want to produce?

5. Can you present your machine installed in running mode?

You are warmly welcome to visit our factory. We will show you how the machine is running on the site and we can also show you how our machine is running at one of our local customers' factory if you are interested 

6. Why should I choose your machine?

● We have 30 years of experience in manufacturing hygienic product machines
● We managed to achieve high technological advancement of our production lines
● PEIXIN technicians have been to numerous countries worldwide to offer aftersales service in our customers’ factories. They are very experienced and skillful
● You can compare the technical parameter of our machines versus other suppliers’ equipment - you will discover that the technological advancement and price of our machines are very attractive
● Spare parts to our machines are produced using CNC /computerized numerical control/ with high precision, it makes machines serve longer and they are more stable under high-speed running


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