Automatic Sealing Cardboard Box Machine

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1. This machine is for sealing and sticking each type of packaging box; Adopting mechanical and electrical integrated technology, it possesses stable function, simple operation and so on; each technology index had reached to equal level with the same machine abroad. It is the preferred equipment for making high-quality or high production efficiency of paper boxes.   
2. Under European CE standard designing, Passed CE certificate, With CE or UL certificate for Electric Parts and with safety device, such as, safety-guard door, emergency stop and so on. 
3. Most of parts are precisely processed by numerical-control machine; the key mechanical parts are under CNC processing; while the main outsourcing parts are world famous brand.


Machine model: PX-ZMJZ-FH50 (type) 
Finished products size(L×W×H): (100~290)×(70~150)×(45~120) mm 
Box outputting speed: 40~50 boxes/min 
Power & Voltage: 0.5~0.8kw (220V, 50Hz)
Overall size(L×W×H): 1.2×1.0×1.6m
Weight of equipment: 200kg

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