High-speed Log Saw Machine

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Model:PX-WSZ-JF 2800(PX-WSZ-JF 1092/1575/1760/2200/2500)

Equipment Function & Character

1. This machine adopts advanced servo driving, frequency conversion speed regulating, PLC control and touching screener operation. The blade grinding frequency, the cutting speed as well as the cutting length is adjustable on PLC screener, which have smoothed the cutting and grinding. It has fully symbolized the superiority of this machine.
2. The cutting system is under perfect designing with auto grinding system, while the grinding bowl can count precisely to grind the blade in time as per the cutting times.
3. Mounting with advanced photoelectric monitoring system and large size spiral cutter, it can auto set the length and cut precisely. Each time it cuts 2 rolls, while one minute can make 150 cutting.
4. Under European CE standard designing, Passed CE certificate, With CE or UL certificate for Electric Parts and with safety device, such as, safety-guard door, emergency stop and so on.
5. Most of parts are precisely processed by numerical-control machine; the key mechanical parts are under CNC processing; while the main outsourcing parts are world famous brand.

Rolled core length: 2200/2800
Finished products diameter: 110±5mm (other sizes from 90-160mm can be ordered)
Horizontal cutting length: Changeable, Servo control, Tolerance ±0.7mm
Operation speed: 120cuts/min, 2 rolls/cut
Knife grinding: Pneumatic grinding wheel, time can be controlled on panel.
Finished products specification: Rolled core outer diameter 90mm-160mm
Cutting length 50mm-300mm Left-over length 25mm-100mm
Machine size(mm)(L×W×H): 6700×2000×1800mm / 7800×2000×1800mm
Weight of equipment: 3T

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