Full-servo Control Underpad Production Line

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Model:PX-CD-220-SF (PX-CD-200-BSF / PX-CD-180-BP)


Outputted products from this machine Designed speed Production speed Overall size of equipment Machine power Weight of equipment
Underpad 300 meters/min 220meters/min(width 600mm) ; 200meters/min(width 800mm) 22m(L)×3.5m(W)×2.5m(H) approx 300KW (380V, 50Hz) approx 70 T

Product Parameters
Can produce 3-ply (PE film, fluff pulp, N.W) or 5-ply (PE film, down tissue, fluff pulp, upper tissue, N.W) bed mattress & pet mattress with high speed

Dimension of the raw material, Parameter Raw material unwinding diameter and Weight Finished product folding methods
Cotton core 34g/m2(include upper and down tissue, wood pulp which can use treated pulp, untreated pulp or semi-treated pulp, as well as recycled treated pulp) Upper and down tissue Roll Diameter:Φ960mm 125kg C folding and two folding or three folding
Non woven 9g/m2 Non woven Roll Diameter:Φ960mm 125kg Z folding and two folding or three folding
PE/PP 15g/m2 PE/PP Roll Diameter:Φ600mm 60kg W folding and two folding or three folding
SAP 8g/m2 Wood pulp Roll Diameter:Φ1500mm 500kg    

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